Small business is the driving force of jobs in Georgia. Our success in the global marketplace is directly tied to the state's ability to foster a climate favorable to small business - a sector that makes up almost 98% of registered Georgia companies.

The Georgia Chamber has introduced the Georgia Chamber Federation, a partnership with local chambers focused on grassroots advocacy - working to empower our state's small businesses by providing them with the information and resources necessary to actively engage their elected officials and local leaders.

Through the Georgia Chamber Federation, any business with 10 or fewer full time employees who is a member of a participating local chamber will receive free membership into the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Participation in the Federation gives local chambers a valuable sales and retention tool, increased influence in the state legislature, and access to timely information, resources, and opportunities.

This partnership aims to empower small businesses and grow the voice of business at local, state, and federal levels. Learn more about the Georgia Chamber Federation at:

As of 2022, there are currently 147 Local Chambers participating in the Georgia Chamber Federation, representing more than 50,000 small businesses across Georgia.

All local chambers are encouraged to be a part of the Federation.  For more information on how your chamber can get involved, please contact Morgan Law at (404) 223-2286 or by email at